Project Description

Brake Drums

JGT specializes in brake drums, and we are proud to have established ourselves as the leader in this category for over a decade. Brake drums are one of our best-selling items, and all are produced to exacting standards of both dimensional integrity and material specification. Exact casting process produces a drum with equal wall thickness giving even brake stress distribution and providing uniform thermal expansion to minimize brake judder and vibration. Some references are machined both internally and externally to achieve an exact balance without the need for cut-outs, reducing drum wall temperature fluctuation to alleviate cracking.

We offer a comprehensive range for Japanese, European, American vehicles and Trailers. We set very high standards in the quality of raw material and Manufacturing process and as we mentioned above we have very tough quality control checks.

JGT is able to supply at very reasonable MOQ’s and are also able to develop new drums at very small or no cost.

JGT can also offer Wheel Hubs/Spiders, Brake Linings & Wheel Bolts. Please refer to those categories for further information.

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