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To ensure both optimum performance and safety, build quality is paramount with any belt. That’s why our belts are manufactured to the highest standards. In conjunction with our manufacturer we continue to test and improve all belts to bring you in line with the very latest specifications needed for today’s advanced engines. We are constantly investing in R&D, modern equipment and techniques to ensure improved products as we progress to the next millennium.

JGT offer extended range of Timing Belts, Raw Edge Plain Belts, Raw Edge Laminated Belts, Raw Edge Cogged Belts, Poly-V Belts, Classical Wrap-V Belts, Variable Speed Belts, Conveyor Belts.

JGT can offer Timing Belts in CRR & HNBR grades. We can also offer a grade that is a mix of CRR & HNBR which we call FHN.
We also offer Multi-ribbed (PK) belts with EPDM material. Multi-ribbed belts come in most lengths from 3 ribs through to 10+ ribs.

Synchronous / Timing Belts

Superior timing belts for various types of synchronous drives to ensures non-slip engagement with constant angular velocity. Relatively maintenance-free, economical that performs on a wide range of load capacities and speed ratios

Raw Edge Plain Belts

Structure reinforced with special fibers designed for very quiet operation and longer durability with excellent sidewall compound that provides better grip power with high heat resistance.

Raw Edge Laminated Belts

Multiply fabrics provide for heavier use, cut down noise with higher durability then Plain Raw Edge Belts.

Raw Edge Cogged Belts

Engineered with specially formulated compound to give excellent sidewall wear resistance and bending stress resistance. Meet up to most high speed and high torque drives with considerable ease and having excellent oil and heat resistance.

Poly-V Belts

Developed to improve capacity with outstanding performance at higher speeds on smaller diameter pulleys. This belt is highly flexible with the ability to resist heat build-up and low stretch polyester cords improve resistance to shock load and fatigue. Specially formulated compound to cut noise and improve oil and heat resistance.

Classical Wrap-V Belts

Designed for high speed and high torque drivers. Premium quality with significantly longer service life and greater power transmission capacity with high oil and heat resistance. Also available for industrial or agricultural applications.

Variable Speed Belts

Specially designed for variable speed applications catering to maximum range of speed changes with transverse rigidity for full tensile cord support. Our belt has also excellent bending flexibility with outstanding features of oil, heat and chemical resistance. Cater for most motorcycle and scooter needs and also available for industrial use.

Conveyor Belts

Custom made to user specifications using top grade materials with full service back up to ensure long service life. Able to meet specific requirements of wide ranging applications from mining, cements and various materials handling industries

Belts can be manufactured if required with your brand, logo or corporate brand and package to your design. Contact us if you require a special kind of belt.

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